Hello, I am Quentin Valet, 25 years old photographer.
It all started in May 2017. I frequently went to the zoo and had fun with taking pictures of animals, especially lemurs. I took tons of pictures, trying to improve my skills and that's how the passion for photography was born!
My photography passion expanded through the years. It started with photos of animals, real as well as fictional. Not only the real animals stood in the spotlights, but also fursuiters, people with custom animal costumes. The advantage of these fursuiters with custom characters, is the infinite possibilities of scenes. The suiters can change their poses, use props, have custom background sceneries... It gives the opportunity to make very creative pictures!
Next to animals and fursuiters, I also love taking pictures of cosplayers. I often make some atmospheric photos at conventions.
I have one other interest in my photography passion: sports and activities like paintball, airsoft,... It's often very dangerous and risky for the equipment, but it's always fun to capture actions and unexpected moments!

My current equipement:
- Sony A7III
- SEL70300G lens
- Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens
- Tripod Cullman Nanomax 460
- 1 Flash Newer Speedlight 630
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